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corner store Home For Wayward Boys



corner store HOME FOR WAYWARD BOYS is the place you needed when you were small and nobody got you. When your parents wysed you NO, your teacher wysed you BEK and your friends wysed you for speaking like a white boy.

When they said, 'today you're stealing Pokemon cards, tomorrow it will be cars' and you were like no i don't like cars, and they were like go to your room for 2 months.

Basically it represents the massive lack of spaces in our current system in which young people are treated as unique cognitive beings, and in which they are allowed to be vulnerable and work through the reasons that they act in a manner that is seen as delinquint.


The capsule comprises of four pieces, the BIG C crew neck, the classic logo tee, the womb tee and the Mike T long sleeve.















Shop the capsule exclusively at corner store CPT, in-store and online!!


All images by your boy.

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