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Happy Holidays From corner store and Family

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So its christmas and stuff and everybody around us is pretty much on holiday already. We, however are providers of presents, so we will be open until the 24th, here's how the next few days will go down:


Sat (19th): Open as usual from 10 until 2

Mon (21): Open from 9 until 3.30 cuz we're having a staff christmas party!

Tues (22): Open from 9 until 8 - we're gna hang out and suip and have a braai and stuff so if you're down to join us you're welcome to. If you're tryna come up on some after hours christmas shopping, this is your opportunity!

Wed (23): Open from 9-5

Thurs (24): Open from 9-2, you really think we wannna work until 5 on christmas eve? You must be jas.


Anyway, we hope to see you soon.



Have a wonderful holiday season!!



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