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Young'ns Part 1

corner store CPT Summer 16/17



Very recently, we gave some of our favourite youngins the opportunity to grab some gear from the store and apply their creative vision!

First on the roster, our good friends Kemo and Funky. They been in these Instagram streets putting in work, as well as constantly supporting and appreciating other local creative initiatives. Unafraid of hard work and ambitious to the next level, we're super excited to see what the duo produces in the near future.


Word on the street is, the homies recently collaborated with a bunch of their friends on a denim inspired lookbook set to drop soon soon!


Check out @kemogeez and @funkyblackdude on insta for more!!












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  • Mashao Seabela on

    Hi there. There is a project I am working on with 2 other guys and we would like to source some items from your store. Can I please have your email address to send the proposal.

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